REshapeU Startup Program

REshapeU Startup Program

REshapeU Startup Track

This one is for the starters. The courageous ones that dare to go out there in the world and just start doing. The REshape Startup Track is a 6-month accelerator program which is set up for student with an entrepreneurial mindset and innovative ideas which can have a significant impact on healthcare. During 6 months, you’ll be supported to developed your own startup. By means of workshops, mentoring, hackathons and pitching you will transform your briljant idea into a prototype in order to make it a reality. The network of Radboudumc will be utilized to give you the best support as possible and assist you (if needed) to form a great team with students from other backgrounds.

Stop talking, start today. Join our Start Up Program at the Radboud University Medical Center and make your dent in the universe.

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Program runs from March ‘ 16 – October ’16

What do we offer?!

What our students say.

As a medicine student, you don’t interact that often with other entrepreneurs with whom you can talk about realizing your startup. The REshapeU Startup Track provides an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and to tack your idea to the next level. Recommended for every student with an innovative idea!
Martijn van de Muelen, Plexuz
When I joined the REshapeU Startup Track, I just had an idea to apply Virtual Reality within hospitals. A couple of months later, I have an actual startup and my own startup!
Stefan van Rooijen, VisitU
For years I had an idea, but wasn’t able to make the necessary progress. I decided to apply for the REshapeU Startup Track and learned a lot about how to start my own business in healthcare. The REshapeU Startup Track gave a great boost to my company.
Joost Stultiens, Het Babbeltje
In the past year, the REshapeU Startup track has shown us how abstract ideas can become reality. During this innovation process we have received professional support and guidance from the REshape network at every step, from the identification of a gap in the current market to finding suitable investors. Even though we did not manage to shape our idea into a startup with a concrete product, we have learned a great deal about what it takes to become an entrepreneur
Daan Viering, Granny

Startups class ’14 – ’15

Underneath an overview of the startups from the last program.

VisitU facilitates communication between patient and love ones,  independent of place and time. By means of Virtual Reality, we help patients to “be” at home while staying in the hospital.

Founder: Stefan van Rooijen



Plexuz makes learning fun, clear and less stressfull

Team: Martijn van de Meulen, Liselotte Nagtzaam, Nico Polak



Het Babbeltje is an iPad-app to foster the contact between people with dementia and their caregivers. By means of showing personal pictures in combination with curated external content from the past we stimulate conversations.

Founder: Joost Stultiens


Granny aims to produce a wearable device that would enable elderly to increase control over their own health.

Team:  Daan Viering, Kishan Tang, Cas van der Made


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At the end of the program, you’ll pitch in front of a jury. This jury will decide which startups are going to be funded. It could be the case that all startups get funding, but it could also be that none of them get funding.

Bringing your idea to life is hard and takes a lot of time. So the workload is dependent on your own commitment and thrive to make an impact. During the program, we expect you to be present at workshops and events, follow an online course and make assignments regarding your startup. This will take approximately 60 hours in total. Most activities will be planned in the early evening, in order to make sure that master students can also join.

Yes you can, no problem. There might be other teams that applied that are looking for team members. Otherwise, we can help you formulate your idea.

The REshapeU Startup Track is open for all teams of students which want to make a significant impact on healthcare with at least 1 medical student or alumni (+2 years after graduation) from Radboudumc in there team (Geneeskunde or Biomedische Wetenschappen). You can apply for the startup track if you don’t have a medical student yet in your team, we can help you to find one.